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After the college! Ah, don't misunderstand! After dropping out from the college, founder founded the company named Rakps Innovations Pvt. Ltd in year 2013 with multiple business models like textiles, IT, entertainment etc. Right after 7 years, in year 2020 we have incorporated another private limited company named ARMA Digital Ventures Pvt. Ltd. to take all the IT stuffs under this company. Also, The Eastern Corporate Group is a part of ARMA Digital Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and Prytu, Prytu.com is a brand of The Eastern Corporate Group.

Passing by so many hurdles, today, The Eastern Corporate Group has nearly 700+ clients as well as 1800+ freelancers to do the work. We are operating business in the countries like India, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand & Canada. We are mainly focused on the IT services which help our clients to grow and expand.

Today, India is opening itself for the future opportunities in terms of technologies. In next 5 years, most of the businesses will go online with creative business and revenue models. And yes, we shall play major role in upcoming technical revolution.


Yes, Prytu! Most common question is what does Prytu mean? Well nothing! It was just a random thought. Logo contains yellow color which is the color of master source of energy sun. And owl, owls are considered to be lucky charm! So, when the energy of sun and luck of owl gets aligned, a meaningless phrase becomes an identity.

So yes, that's the history of Prytu.

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