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Prytu journey began when the whole world was emerging with creative ideas. It was a blessing in disguise which led everyone to evalute their abilities and come up with different business ideas to become “Atmanirbhar” (Independant/Self-sufficient). That was the time when Prytu came into existence to provide all the services that were virtually possible.

Prytu.com is a part of The Eastern Corporate Group which was founded in 2018 and launched in 2019. That was the right time where we could help all the young entrepreneurs.

In a world with full of competition, it is very essential to manifest your ideas swiftly. The new era does not believe in waiting and that’s how we like it at Prytu.com. We admire the fire, the zeal and spontaneity to do something and achieve new heights every day.

So, we came up with the micro services that can be delivered in no time. We have started with four main categories that can help people setup & promote their businesses at the speed of light.